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Assignments take many forms, including Advice and Participation in Board Committees, Investment Committees, and Board strategic Planning Committees. With the increased scrutiny and potential liability to Directors of all Financial and Non Financial Institutions in today's volatile economic markets, it is imperative to ensure professional financial risk management oversight at the Board Level.


The Audit Review: Risk Management Advisors LLC will also undertake advisory assignments focused on providing an "Audit" of risk management practice with-in a company. Projects are staffed by full time experienced professionals who have broad knowledge in the area of risk management.  These project managers will draw on a wide range of experience in their field to deliver specific recommendations on the use of the latest ideas and technology in risk management.


Strategic Risk Management assignments also include:

Participation in the appropriate Board and

Senior Management Committees

Organizational recommendations

Advice on risk management strategies

Setting Risk and Performance evaluation Criteria

Standardizing methodologies to measure Risk Management effectiveness

Identification of major risk drivers

Analysis and recommendations for performance metrics

Analysis and review of the appropriate regulatory requirements

Guidance on implementing management reporting

Development of appropriate risk management policies and procedures

Recommendation for a risk management decision and evaluation structure

Providing workshops on practical aspects of risk management implementation