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Asset and Alternative Asset Management Practice



Asset Management has recently come under increased scrutiny for poor transparency, inadequate due diligence and poor controls. Funds Management, Alternative Asset Management and Fund of Funds Management need to have independent risk oversight and a comprehensive risk control structure.


Independent Risk oversight provides Investors with increased confidence in the asset allocation process, and as a member of investment committees we provide economic intelligence, market and best practice insights and information that will improve the business decision process. We also provide increased transparency by ensuring that investors are correctly informed not only on the risk profile of the Institution but also understand key business and economic risks that are embedded in the Investment Strategy.


Risk Management Audits will review and provide recommendations on all aspects of the asset management and portfolio construction process including:


Clarifying the value added proposition

Alpha Risk Modeling and Controls                                                    

Risk Systems Design

Monitoring and reporting requirements

Risk Management Analytics

Factor Driver analysis and

Risk Optimization models


Risk Management Advisors also provides funds with improved operational efficiencies through the implementation of operational platforms, liquidity management systems, and integrated risk and performance reporting.