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Insurance and Corporate Treasury Risk Management Practice


Corporate Boards are increasingly becoming legally liable for the financial decisions of their finance and treasury staff. Having an independent expert on the Board with oversight responsibility for financial risk management through Board committees provides the Board with increased comfort that decisions are correctly reviewed and a more effective basis for approving significant investments.


Financial structures that we have proposed improved risk management in multinational corporations and were designed and implemented by our partners. These include Captive Banks, Insurance Companies, Management Centers, and Finance Companies all of which provide unique value added to management of corporations while increasing the transparency of the business functions to the shareholders.


We have provided assistance and insights through our reviews and analysis of:


          Corporate Treasury Management

          Asset /Liability Management

          Pension Liability Analysis

          Enterprise Risk Assessment

          Captive Banks,

          Finance and Risk Management Companies


Exposure management reviews, previously limited to foreign exchange risk, are now taking on a new prominence with increasing volatile energy, commodity and material markets. These reviews focus on the correct applications of derivatives and other off-balance sheet instruments for hedging activities and insure that the longer term business objectives of the company are not compromised. Partners experienced in the energy sectors have unique insights into managing these exposures.